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Batteries by Voltage

12 Cell / 24 Volt Batteries

24v forklift battery,24 volt forklift batteries,12-85-13 battery,12-125-13 battery,12-125-15 battery

24 Volt batteries have 12 cells, 2 volts each.

24 Volt Batteries >

18 Cell / 36 Volt Batteries

36v forklift battery,36 volt forklift batteries,18-85-17 battery,18-85-21 battery,18-85-23 battery

36 Volt batteries have 18 cells, 2 volts each.

36 Volt Batteries >

24 Cell / 48 Volt Batteries

48v forklift battery,48 volt forklift batteries,24-85-21 battery,24-85-17 battery,48v battery

48 Volt batteries have 24 cells, 2 volts each..

48 Volt Batteries >

Automatic Battery Watering Systems

battery watering system,forklift battery watering system,bwt watering system,battery watering,bwt

Battery watering systems replace the original vent caps. A filling device is required.

Battery Watering >

National Coverage

36 volt forklift battery,48 volt forklift battery,forklift battery price list,fork truck batteries

Contact a GB Battery dealer near you. 

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SB Plugs

yale forklift battery,forklift battery sizes,toyota forklift battery,nissan forklift battery,eo583

SB style plugs are the industry standard, and standard on every new GB battery & charger. Size and color must match your forklift.

Standard Plugs >

Euro Plugs

Hyster forklift battery,raymond forklift battery,bendi forklift battery,crown battery,e583 battery

If your forklift uses Euro Plugs, they can be installed on any battery or charger order for an additional $35 each. Also available separately. Click here for: SPECS, or here for: VIDEO

Optional Plugs >

Anderson Euro Plug Video

Over 100 standard sizes, over 700 custom sizes

MTC Battery Handling Equipment

Battery Chargers

16hr Chargers

50 Series - Economy, 120/240vac, single phase

All chargers >

8hr Chargers

80 Series - Standard single and three phase

High Output

100 Series - 20% higher output for multiple shifts & cold storage. Available in 50hz.

BHS Battery Handling Systems

NEW: Solar Battery Modules

forklift battery for solar,forklift battery for home solar,solar-one battery,hup solar one,solar pv

Removable cells

  • 6 cell / 12V modules.
  • 804 AH to 2,759 AH per cell.
  • Bolt on connectors.
  • Ships fully assembled.
  • 10 year warranty

Modules can be broken down to  individual components and carried by hand.

Solar Batteries >

Quality Contruction


forklift battery,forklift batteries,24v forklift battery,36v forklift battery,48v fork lift battery

Lead bars, or “pigs” are continuously fed  into the grid casting machines. The machines heat the lead to a liquid  state, and then rapidly pour preset amounts into the molds to produce the grids. Once pasted with lead oxide, they become the "plates" that make up each cell of a battery.  

Construction >


raymond forklift battery,raymond reach battery,raymond pallet jack battery,dockstocker battery,36v

As they are removed from the conveyor, each grid is inspected for proper thickness, stacked and palatalized for transport to the pasting area. Positive and Negative plates are cast using separate specialized molds. Different cell sizes use different molds, which requires retooling between production runs. 


yale forklift battery,yale electric lift battery,yale stacker battery,yale pallet jack battery,36v

The positive and negative grids go to separate pasting areas. The positive "paste" has a reddish color and the negative paste has a dull gray color. Quality control personnel are ever present during this critical stage. 


hyster forklift battery,hyster pallet jack battery,hyster stand up battery,hyster electric battery

The finished plates are then dried and cured in large ovens to harden the "paste" material. Once cured, the positive plates are wrapped, and the positive / negative plates are placed in the correct order with “separators” between them in preparation for initial cell assembly. 


crown forklift battery,crown pallet jack battery,crown reach battery,crown forklift batteries

Prior to inserting the "plates" into the "cell" jars, they are clamped tightly in a hydraulic jig, and the opposing rows of positive and negative plates are soldered together to form the positive and negative “straps”. The positive and negative posts are also formed during this process. Again, quality control is paramount at this   stage. 


clark forklift battery,clark lift battery,clark pallet jack battery,clark electric battery,eo583

The charged cells finally merge with the trays for final battery assembly. The lead intercell connectors are put in place and the delicate process of soldering them in series begins. Any mistake at this stage could cause a lead melt down, which would damage the cell(s), requiring them to be removed and scrapped. Upon completion, quality control personnel thoroughly inspect each battery.  

About GB Battery

Battery Water Level Monitor Lights

Blinky™ Battery Watering Monitors

18-125-15, 18-125-17, 18-85-21 battery. 18-85-23, 18-85-25, 18-85-27 battery. 36v forklift battery

Philadelphia Scientific’s family of battery watering monitors allow watering on a labor-saving “as-needed” basis instead of a hit-or-miss schedule. Watering too frequently can cause electrolyte boil overs, which reduce battery capacity by three percent for each occurrence. Lack of water in batteries creates a low electrolyte level, eventually causing permanent damage to the cells.

The Blinky™ family of monitors will help ensure your electrolyte levels are never too low or too high. They feature the industry’s brightest LED, so they are much more visible. The new Smart Blinky Pro™ introduces an audible dimension of electrolyte level notification. 

And, the installation forgiveness zone reduces the potential for damaging monitors during installation 

and provides a far wider voltage operating zone.

Comparison Brochure

SmartBlinky Pro™ $75

24v battery, 12-125-15 battery. Replacement forklift battery. 12-125-13 battery, 12-85-13 battery

SmartBlinky Pro™

Ideal for applications in which the electrolyte level indicator cannot be seen (e.g., fast and opportunity charging where the battery never leaves the truck) because the LED is mounted outside the battery on the battery cable near the connector. And, Smart Blinky Pro adds an audible dimension of electrolyte level notification.

  • LED blinks green when electrolyte is OK; red and green when filling will be needed soon; red when water is needed.
  • SmartBEEP issues a beep sequence indicating if a battery needs watering and how long the battery has been without water.
  • Patented Smart Sensing Technology eliminates false indication, prevents unnecessary watering and minimizes boil overs
  • Easiest installation
  •  > SmartBlinky Pro Brochure 

Order SmartBlinky PRO

SmartBlinky Remote™ $65

18-85-17 battery, 18-125-13 battery. 36v forklift battery, replacement forklift battery, 36v battery

SmartBlinky Remote™

The very bright indicator LED can be edge mounted, so it is easier to see — even on batteries that are charged on multi-level racks. And, the LED housing has a low profile and is very robust, making it resistant to damage.

  • LED blinks green when electrolyte is OK; red when water is needed
  • Installation forgiveness zone
  • Patented Smart Sensing Technology
  • Works on 6- and 12-volt block and golf cart batteries
  • > Brochure

SmartBlinky™ $55

48v forklift battery, 24-85-21, 24-85-17, 24-85-15 battery. forklift battery replacement, 48 volt


Ideal for batteries where the top of the battery can be seen.

  • Bright LED blinks green when electrolyte is OK; red when water is needed
  • Installation forgiveness zone
  • Patented Smart Sensing Technology
  • Works on 6- and 12-volt block and golf cart batteries
  • > Brochure

BlinkyBasic™ $45

24-125-13 battery, 48v forklift battery. 24-85-13 battery, 24-85-15 battery. 24-85-17 battery, 48v


A low-cost solution for accurate electrolyte monitoring.

  • Bright LED blinks green when electrolyte is OK; goes out when water is needed
  • Installation forgiveness zone
  • > Brochure

Advanced LED light indication

  • Easy to see and use: The bright LED flash pattern  means that a SmartBlinky Pro is as easy to see as it is to understand.   Intuitive green LED indicates level is OK and Red LED (with  audible  alarm) means water now.
  • Simple installation on cable: Universal voltage and  polarity means the installation is simple and cannot damage the device.  ANYCELL technology means it is almost impossible to put the probe in  the wrong location. 
  • Protects your battery investment: The SmartBlinky Pro helps protect against battery dry-out, a major failure mode for industrial batteries.
  • Inexpensive and cost-effective: Over a battery's  lifetime, a SmartBlinky Pro battery watering monitor saves a surprising  amount of time - or labor cost - and delivers a rapid return on investment.

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