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Battery Testing and Repair

Battery Troubleshooting

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Is your battery no longer holding a charge? Does it have a strong sulfur smell? Chances are, it’s either “sulphated”, or you have one or more bad cells. 

Battery Load Testing

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Our Mobile Service Shops (available in most major markets) are fully equipped, with Automated Mobile Battery Testing Equipment to quickly find weak or bad cells in your battery. 

On Site vs. Shop Repair

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Depending on the situation, we either dispatch a service technician to make the necessary on site repairs, or a delivery truck to pick up your ailing battery or charger and install a rental for you to use while we evaluate yours. A full test report and written repair proposal will follow, with all repairs guaranteed for one year.  

Pickup & Delivery

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Whether it's one of our trucks or common carrier, we can pick up a battery from almost anywhere within 24 hours.

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Additional Services

Training Programs Available

Interested in training your maintenance department to test and repair batteries and chargers? Our service offers the most experienced trainers in the industry, with a minimum of ten years of training experience. These are the same trainers we use for our employees, franchisees and dealers. We have trained lift truck dealer service departments, large end users, and even battery dealers in other markets in all aspects of battery and charger repair. The rates are affordable and can save your organization tens of thousands of dollars annually.

Battery Cleaning

Tired of dealing with acid and corrosion covered batteries? Let GB Industrial Battery clean and neutralize your batteries at your location with our portable, self-contained battery cleaning station. We take the contaminated wash water away with us, so your facility is kept clean and dry, and your company is not exposed to potential EPA liability caused by contaminated wash water run off. 

Contact our service department

Contact our service department for pricing. Available in most major markets for one or more batteries and nation wide for large fleets. Our service techs arrive and inspect, number (when applicable), and clean your batteries without interrupting your plant's day-to-day operations. This service can be performed whenever it is most convenient, 24hrs / 7 days a week. Outside of our normal service area? No problem. We ship in our equipment and fly in our service technicians at no extra charge (75 battery minimum). Average price? $50 to $75 per battery, including a detailed report on the condition of each battery.

Rental Batteries

Need an extra battery or charger for your busy season? We stock literally thousands of new and reconditioned batteries and chargers, available for short and long term rental. Contact our service department for rates and availability.

Tech Support Hotline

Tel: 215-667-8000

Having difficulty trouble shooting or diagnosing a battery charger problem? Contact our service department and let one of our technicians walk you through the process. Just need a schematic to change your charger from 208VAC to 480VAC? We have digitized manuals on file on every known battery charger manufactured since the 1960’s, which can be e-mailed to you in PDF format or faxed. We also stock new and used parts, and even modification kits to help you upgrade your obsolete battery charger to today’s standards.

Additional Services

WE BUY SCRAP and USED FORKLIFT BATTERIES and CHARGERS! Get the highest price available anywhere for your used, scrap or trade in equipment. All scrap batteries are 100% recycled at one of our modern smelting facilities. Nothing is wasted and you are helping to protect the environment. Price depends on weight and transportation cost.