GB is open during the shutdown and will beat any advertised battery price.


Battery Watering Systems can be added to any new battery order and installed prior to delivery. Installation is simple enough that they can be installed on existing batteries in about 20 minutes.

Compare Watering  System Brands & Prices:

Watering systems require a water supply to pressurize and fill the battery.

Flow-Rite's Mini Pump Water Supply

The Flow-Rite Mini-Pump revolutionizes battery watering.

  • Makes gravity feed tanks & high pressure regulators obsolete.
  • Gravity feed tanks must be mounted 4 to 6 feet above the top of the battery & takes ten times longer to fill than high pressure fillers.
  • High pressure fillers can only use tap water, and require a tap or hose near the batteries.

The Mini-Pump allows use of tap or distilled water, and easily transports to the battery and pumps at high pressure.

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Flow-Rite's Regulated Hose Supply

Flow-Rite's Regulated Hose Supply.

Fast, Safe, and Efficient!  

For use with Flow-Rite Battery Watering Systems.

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How To Use The Flow-Rite Battery Steward APP

This video provides a step-by-step guide to setting up your Battery Steward account and using the software.   

Battery Steward® organizes your battery care schedule, alerts you when  tasks are due, records maintenance and asset data, and allows you to  analyze the data over time.

Battery Steward ID Labels are included with all new Flow-Rite Watering Systems.


How to install a FLOW-RITE Watering Kit

Flow-Rite Watering system installation instructions.

Flow-Rite EVO System

Questions? Call: 215-667-8000

Philadelphia Scientic watering system installation

Philadelphia Scientific Spider System installation

Philadelphia Scientific - HydroPure™ Deionizer System

Deionizer - How to install the HydroPure deionizer

Flow-Rite Downloads

Flow-Rite - Full 2017 catalog (pdf)


Flow-Rite - Mini Pump Brochure (pdf)


Flow-Rite - Watering Cart Brochure (pdf)


Flow-Rite - General Water Supply Brochure, 1-28-2015 (pdf)


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Philadelphia Scientific manual watering gun.

 Feature and Benefits

  • Automatic shutoff: The Watering Gun fills cells to precisely the correct level. The shutoff is so positive you can actually feel it.
  • Safe: It keeps eyes and face away from battery hazards, and reduces backache from bending over batteries. It is insulated to prevent sparking on connectors.
  • Reliable: The shutoff mechanism has been tested to 1 million cycles and proven in hundreds of thousands of tough applications worldwide. Powered by the water itself, it has no solenoids, no electronics and no wiring.
  • Fast but gentle: The flow rate is 1.7 gallons/minute (6.4 liters/minute), which is fast enough for the largest cells. Yet the flow is gentle enough to fill a coffee mug.
  • Easy Installation: Attach the Battery Watering Gun to any standard garden hose, our HydroFill Watering Cart or our Deionizer System and you have a fully operating battery filling system.

The "Blinky" Family of Water Level Lights - Links Below


SmartBlinky Remote™


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Basic Blinky™


SmartBlinky Remote™


48v forklift battery, 24-85-17, 24-125-13. 24-85-15, 24-85-13 battery. 24-85-19, 24-85-21, 48 volt

 Smart Blinky™

SmartBlinky Remote™

SmartBlinky Remote™

SmartBlinky Remote™

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 SmartBlinky Remote™

SmartBlinky Pro™

Video: Smart Blinky Pro

SmartBlinky Remote™

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SmartBlinky Pro™

Video: Smart Blinky Pro

Video: Smart Blinky Pro

Video: Smart Blinky Pro

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