GB is open during the shutdown and will beat any advertised battery price.

GB Battery vs. internet and eBay re sellers

We Deliver

We have the necessary equipment

We can install

18-125-13,18 125 13,1812513,18-125-13 battery,18-125-13 forklift battery,forklift batteries,36 volt

We're an actual battery company, that's all we do. We have trucks to pick up and deliver batteries. Investments you don't make if you're an internet or eBay re seller.

We can install

We have the necessary equipment

We can install

24-85-17 battery,24-85-17,24 85 17,248517,24-85-17 batteries,forklift batteries,24D85-17,24-85F17

We install batteries in sit down and stand up electric forklifts. We can bring an extra forklift if you don't have one. You're completely on your own with many eBay and internet re sellers - good luck with that.

We have the necessary equipment

We have the necessary equipment

We have the necessary equipment

12-125-15 battery,12-125-15,12 125 15,1212515,forklift batteries,12d125-15,12-125f13,24v battery,24v

Our trucks are equipped all of the tools necessary to get the job done. Like roller stands, to roll out your old battery and roll in the new battery. Lifting beams and chains. Tools and lubricant to loosen corroded bolts. Someone selling import batteries on eBay as a hobby doesn't concern themselves with these details.

Special Order Batteries

Scrap Battery Core Credit

We have the necessary equipment

18-85-23 battery,18-85-23,18 85 23,188523,forklift batteries,forklift battery,18d85-23,18-85F23,36v

Battery importers can't build out of the ordinary sizes and models, such as EE rated or spark proof batteries, or any size that's not a fast seller. Unique configurations for special applications would take months to arrive, and are not offered. Try getting anything out of the ordinary from an importer.

We service what we sell

Scrap Battery Core Credit

Scrap Battery Core Credit

lift truck battery,lift truck batteries,lift truck,battery,batteries,battery for lift truck,36 volt

We service what we sell AND what others sell. We sell and service chargers, batteries and battery handing equipment. If we sell it, we can fix it. We also wash down batteries on-site.

Scrap Battery Core Credit

Scrap Battery Core Credit

Scrap Battery Core Credit

fork truck battery,fork truck batteries,fork truck,battery,batteries,battery for fork truck,48 volt

Our base price does not include a core credit, but we do buy cores and it can be factored into a quote. Unlike internet retailers, we have the necessary resources to transport and process scrap batteries.

Things to consider when buying a forklift battery online

24-85-21,24-85-21 battery,forklift battery,24 85 21,248521,24d85-21,24-85f21,forklift batteries,48v

Sites featuring mainly generic pictures

Watch for sites using stock pictures of forklift batteries gathered from the internet. Sometimes they borrow a picture from a competing website and photo shop out their logo, like they did on this one. Several websites are using the identical borrowed or stock photos with impunity. Perhaps it's time to do a little research and call them out on it.

No pictures of one of their batteries, in or out of a forklift? One could assume it's because they don't have or come in contact with batteries. If they did, they'd take their phone out and take a picture of one.

18-85-27,18-85-27 battery,18-85-27 forklift battery,forklift batteries,18 85 27,188527,18d85-27,36v

Sites with no proof of any resources

Sometimes, what you see is what you get. No warehouse. No repair shop. No trucks or service vans with their name on them. NO TOOLS. That means no way of servicing a battery. Quality aside, this should mean something.

battery forklift,battery,forklift,forklift battery,battery for forklift,forklifts,fork lift,

E-Commerce site, but no inventory

All of their batteries ship from the inventory of the same importer. When the importer is out of stock, everyone is out of stock, and YOU are the one waiting for the the next container to arrive. This could be an issue If you've already paid for the battery and your forklift is down.

As with any big purchase, we recommend doing at least a little research before sending thousands of dollars to the person with the lowest advertised price.

Examples of Import Batteries

Forklift batteries,forklift,batteries,fork,lift,fork lift,batteries for forklift,fork-lift,batteries

These are six examples of the most widely copied and plagiarized photos of import forklift batteries on eBay and the web. Everyone seems to be using these six pictures of their "product". 

forklift battery,battery forklift,battery,forklift,fork,lift,fork lift,fork-lift,battery,forklift

Search "forklift batteries" on eBay and you'll find dozens of sellers offering this battery. What kind of battery is it? Nobody knows.

lift truck batteries,lift,truck,batteries,batteries for lift trucks,battery for lift truck,price

Another import battery image that's coveted by eBay sellers. Nothing says "me too" more than including this image. 

electric forklift battery,electric,forklift,battery,fork,lift,battery,electric battery,electric lift

We've discovered through legal proceedings that some of these sellers are not incorporated, and in one case the corporation is suspended by California due to unpaid taxes.

36v forklift battery,36v,forklift,battery,36 volt,36v fork lift battery,forklift battery,36v battery

Some of these re sellers mix images from our company and other manufactures in with the generic images to give the appearance they know what they are doing.

48v forklift battery,48v,forklift,battery,48 volt,fork,lift,fork lift,48v battery,48 volt battery,48

Any time we notice one of our images used without permission, the offenders and their web hosting company receive a Cease and Desist and the host is served a "Notice and Take Down", to remove the site and content. It's a weekly occurrence.