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MTC Battery Roller Stands

MTC Battery Roller Stands

MTC Battery Roller Stands

Hyster forklift battery 18-85-17. forklift battery for solar. Forklift battery for home solar system

MTC Roller Stand Features:

  • Heavy-Duty Construction Meeting OSHA Requirments
  • Non-Conductive Roller Bed • Spring Loaded Rollers 
  • Adjustable Legs – Plus or Minus 1 1/2" (4 cm) 
  • Battery Safety Stops 
  • 800 lbs. (263 kg) Capacity Charger Shelf

MTC Roller Stand Options:

  • 45" (114 cm) deep roller stand (-45) 
  • Less charger shelf (-LCS)

Automatic Battery Puller

MTC Battery Roller Stands

MTC Battery Roller Stands

48v forklift battery, 24 85 21 battery, 24 85 13 battery, 48 volt forklift batteries, Yale battery

MTC ABP Features: 

• Mounts to your existing pallet truck 

• Powered vacuum/electro-magnet extraction 

• 12 VDC or 24 VDC models available 

• 24”,32”,40” (609.6mm, 812.8mm, 1016.0mm) wide battery compartments 

• Attach-A-Puller controls mount for operation from either side 

• Powered by pallet truck battery 

• Mechanical battery safety stop 

• “Raise/Lower” function of pallet truck adjusts the roller height of Attach-A-Puller unit 

MTC ABP Benefits: 

• Keeps the cost of battery changing system to a minimum by adapting to existing equipment 

• Reliable, powerful, and consistent battery attachment 

• Ensures that Attach-A-Puller will work with existing pallet truck 

• Capable of handling essentially all lift truck battery sizes 

• Allows easy adaptability to various applications

• Eliminates the need for an additional power source 

• Protects operator and surrounding personnel from possible injury during battery transport 

• Keeps cost of Attach-A-Puller low by relying on pallet truck lift

MTC EZ Puller

MTC Battery Roller Stands

MTC EZ Puller

18 85 17 battery, 18 125 13 battery, 36v forklift battery, 12 125 15 battery, 24v forklift battery

The EZ Puller portable battery transfer cart is the inexpensive alternative to powered transfer carts. The EZ Puller is ideal for facilities that require only a few battery changes each day. It can be mounted to a single pallet truck, or it can be ordered with convenient fork pockets for use on multiple trucks. 

MTC EZ Puller Features:

  • 4-to-1 hand crank makes it easy to remove or replace lift truck batteries
  • Front-mounted safety latch
  • Manual battery extraction
  • Heavy duty rollers
  • Battery lock
  • Durable powder coat finish

MTC EZ Puller Options:

  • Fork pockets for non-dedicated installation

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Automatic Battery Puller

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 Side Mount Attach-A-Puller 

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24 Volt Forklift Batteries

24 Volt Forklift Batteries

24 Volt Forklift Batteries

24v forklift battery,24 volt forklift batteries,12-85-13 battery,12-125-13 battery,12-125-15 battery

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36 Volt Forklift Batteries

24 Volt Forklift Batteries

24 Volt Forklift Batteries

36v forklift battery,36 volt forklift batteries,18-85-17 battery,18-85-21 battery,18-85-23 battery

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48 Volt Forklift Batteries

Solar System Battery Modules

Solar System Battery Modules

48v forklift battery,48 volt forklift batteries,24-85-21 battery,24-85-17 battery,48v battery

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Solar System Battery Modules

Solar System Battery Modules

Solar System Battery Modules

Forklift battery for solar, forklift batteries for off grid, forklift battery for home solar system

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