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EPA Tier II Info: Forklift Battery Sulfuric Acid Content

  • How many gallons of   Sulfuric Acid are in your battery 
  • Listing of lead and   sulfuric acid levels contained in forklift batteries.
  • Contains information needed for Tier II reports.
  • Amounts are listed by model, and cover our most popular sizes.

Tier II Info

Battery Charger Wiring Diagrams

  • Wiring diagrams and schematics;   how to change the AC voltage settings.
  • Trouble shooting   information.

Wiring Diagrams

Proper Battery Care

  • How to properly charge   and maintain your industrial batteries.
  • Proper water level for   forklift batteries.
  • Printable version /   PDF.

Battery Care

AH Ratings - Converting 6HR rate to 20HR

  • Definition – AH   Capacity.
  • How to convert the 6hr   rate to 20hr.
  • Definition – 80%   Capacity.

6hr to 20hr coversion

Hydrogen Gas Emission - Battery Room Ventilation Requirements

  • Calculate Hydrogen   Concentration.
  • Calculate Room Volume.
  • Determine Ventilation   Requirements.
  • Determine Fan   Requirement.
  • Forced Ventilation.
  • Hydrogen Gas Detector.

Battery Ventilation

Battery Specific Gravity

  • Specific gravity of the electrolyte explained.
  • A fully charged forklift battery is 1.285 Specific Gravity (or SPGR).
  • The electrolyte in a fully charged battery is 62.48% water

Specific Gravity