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Male Fittings - Battery Side

BWT Blue

GB Industrial battery, Electric Forklift Battery Sales. Hyster battery, Yale battery, battery prices

Standard on all new BWT systems.


Lift truck battery, fork truck battery, battery forklift, fork lift, Hi Lo, aka HILO and 36v battery

Standard on all new Flow-Rite systems.

Philadelphia Scientific (old)

48 volt batteries, 48v battery, 24-85-21, 18-85-17, 18-125-13, forklift batteries, 48v battery price

Old style, still available.

Philadelphia Scientific Stealth

36 volt battery, 36v batteries, forklift batteries, 18-125-13, 18-125-17, 18-85-17, forklift battery

Standard on all new Philadelphia Scientific systems.

BFS Gray

Industrial Battery sales, GB Industrial Battery, for electric lift truck, home solar, off grid, 48v

Old style, still available.


Battery forklift, forklift battery prices. Reconditioned forklift battery, refurbished, second hand

Watermaster was discontinued over 10 years ago, fitting is still available.

Forklift battery watering system, watering system fittings. Bwt, BFS, Watermaster, Flow-Rite systems

About Male and Female Fittings

Fittings must match your filling device

Any fitting style can be used if it is your first time adding a watering system.

If you have existing watering systems, all of the fittings should match, including any new systems ordered in the future. 

ADAPTER Fittings

It's possible to make up an adapter fitting if you have more than one style in play. It is a short tube with a different style at each end. Long term, it's best to specify the fitting on new or replacement systems, or swap out any incorrect fittings to eliminate the need for an adapter.

Fitting Chart

See the fitting chart above for additional information. There you will see the matching for each of the available types.

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Battery Watering Systems can be added to any new battery order and installed prior to delivery. Installation is simple enough that they can be installed on existing batteries in about 20 minutes.

View system pricing and and specs:

Watering systems require a water supply to pressurize and fill the battery.

Flow-Rite's Mini Pump Water Supply

The Flow-Rite Mini-Pump revolutionizes battery watering.

  • Makes gravity feed tanks & high pressure regulators obsolete.
  • Gravity feed tanks must be mounted 4 to 6 feet above the top of the battery & takes ten times longer to fill than high pressure fillers.
  • High pressure fillers can only use tap water, and require a tap or hose near the batteries.

The Mini-Pump allows use of tap or distilled water, and easily transports to the battery and pumps at high pressure.

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