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BHS Battery Roller Stands

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BHS Battery Roller Stands provide the ideal location to charge, store, and exchange lift truck batteries safely and efficiently. Battery Roller Stands are constructed with heavy-duty steel for durability, with an acid-resistant powder coating. Spark-proof, poly-sleeved rollers simplify battery transfers.

Several compartment configurations, safety features, and functional additions are available to provide custom solutions. A charger shelf and CR-1 Cable Retractor mounting holes come standard.

Battery Roller Stands are built to withstand harsh battery room conditions, providing a lifetime of dependable service.

BHS Battery Transfer Carriage

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The BHS Mechanical Push/Pull Forklift Battery Transfer Carriage has one 24" (610 mm) battery compartment, a 3,000 lb. (1360 kg) capacity, and provides safe and easy, low cost battery handling extraction. Versatile standard adjustment allows battery extraction from most battery compartments. A hand wheel assures positive control to drive the push/pull extractor arm. 

The BTC-24MPP has a high load capacity and four large 6" phenolic wheels to help protect floors and provide low rolling resistance. Raising and lowering is accomplished with a center-mounted hydraulic hand jack. The forklift battery transfer carriage lift range is from 5.5" to 23.5". This model has many flexible options available to satisfy unique battery handling needs. 

BHS Automatic Transfer Carriage

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The BHS Automatic Transfer Carriage (ATC-24) is a cost-effective industrial forklift battery changer / extractor. The ATC-24 mounts easily to your pallet truck and is powered by your pallet truck, which allows for lower system cost by utilizing existing equipment. It has one 24" (762 mm) wide forklift battery compartment. 

Standard industrial components are utilized in the design allowing for local parts availability while simple center mounted controls allow for easy operation from left, right or rear of the extractor. Ten compartment rollers are standard for better wear and load distribution. The push-pull extraction on the ATC-24 is hydraulic powered. 

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2019 Product Catalog

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Battery Handling Equipment 

Operator Aboard Battery Extractors

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Automatic Transfer Carriage

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Battery Transfer Carriage

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Battery Roller Stands

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Walkie Transfer Carriage

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