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    National Coverage

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    Contact the nearest GB Battery dealer. 

    SB Plugs

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    SB style plugs are the industry standard, and standard on every new GB battery & charger. Size and color must match your forklift.

    Euro Plugs

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    If your forklift uses Euro Plugs, they can be installed on any battery or charger order for an additional $35 each. Also available separately.

    Do you think your battery is bad?

    Do you need to replace the battery in your forklift? Or is the problem in the charger or the forklift? These are questions we can answer, and it's usually much faster to call rather than email or text. Answer a few quick quick questions and we'll be able to provide the answers. Contact tech support at: 215-667-8000.

    Does your battery need a special cover?

    Standard batteries (type EO583) do not have a lid or cover. If you forklift requires a battery with a cover (type E583 or EE583), choose which cover style matches your exact needs.

    Get 30 to 40 percent more life out of your battery

    A 7 year 2000+ cycle battery will give 30 to 40 percent more cycles than a 5 year battery. While the 5 year battery is less expensive, the financial savings could be just 10 to 20 percent. We recommend the 7yr battery for all heavy duty applications.


    16hr Chargers

    50 Series - Economy, 120/240vac, single phase

    8hr Chargers

    80 Series - Standard single and three phase

    High Output

    100 Series - 20% higher output for multiple shifts & cold storage. Available in 600vac (Canada) and 50hz (export).

    NEW: Solar Battery Modules

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    Removable cells

    • 804 AH to 2,759 AH per cell.
    • Bolt on connectors.

    All prices are in US Dollars

    BHS Battery Handling Equipment

    MTC Battery Handling Equipment

    Battery Watering Systems

    New products are coming soon!

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    Philadelphia Scientific watering gun.

     Feature and Benefits

    • Automatic shutoff: The Watering Gun fills cells to precisely the correct level. The shutoff is so positive you can actually feel it.
    • Safe: It keeps eyes and face away from battery hazards, and reduces backache from bending over batteries. It is insulated to prevent sparking on connectors.
    • Reliable: The shutoff mechanism has been tested to 1 million cycles and proven in hundreds of thousands of tough applications worldwide. Powered by the water itself, it has no solenoids, no electronics and no wiring.
    • Fast but gentle: The flow rate is 1.7 gallons/minute (6.4 liters/minute), which is fast enough for the largest cells. Yet the flow is gentle enough to fill a coffee mug.
    • Easy Installation: Attach the Battery Watering Gun to any standard garden hose, our HydroFill Watering Cart or our Deionizer System and you have a fully operating battery filling system.

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