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Battery Dimensions

How to measure a Forklift Battery

The steel tray that contains the individual cells is part of the battery assembly. 

Always take EXTERNAL (outside) tray dimensions:

  • Length (X) – From one lifting tab to the other, across the width of the   forklift.
  • Width (Y) – From the front to back of the forklift.
  • Height (Z) – From the bottom to the top of the lifting tabs (or cover if applicable).

· If the battery has a cover, note the style.

> See battery cover style, below.

Battery Voltage

It is very important that a replacement battery is the same voltage as you forklift.

You can determine the battery voltage by counting the cells. Each cell is 2 volts. Example: A battery with 12 cells is 24 volts.

If you have any questions, please call us at: 215-667-8000.

Questions? Call: 215-667-8000

Battery with no cover vs. with a cover

No Cover

36v forklift battery, 36 volt battery, 18 cell battery, industrial battery, reach truck battery, 36v

Do you need a battery with a cover?

  • A cover is only needed when the forklift does not have a hood that closes over the battery.
  • Most forklifts have a hood over the battery compartment.
  • Batteries with a cover are generally too tall for forklifts with a hood, the hood will not close.

Standard flip up cover

24v forklift battery, 24 volt battery, 12 cell battery, industrial battery, reach truck battery, 24v

Standard flip top lid, available on most 12v and 24v batteries when the top of the battery would be otherwise be exposed in the forklift. Example: Most pallet jacks require a cover. 

Most order picker and reach trucks do not need a cover because the battery rolls into the machine from the side.

Split Hinge or "butterfly" cover

48v forklift battery, 48 volt battery, 24 cell battery, industrial battery, Fork truck battery, 48v

This cover is hinged in the center. The hinge typically runs front to back on the forklift. This style is mainly used in 36v and 48v forklifts that do not have a hood over the battery compartment. 

If you are replacing a battery with this type of cover and you have difficulty opening the cover because of the steering wheel, consider ordering the replacement battery with a Bi-Fold Cover.

Split Hinge cover with handles

18-85-17 battery, 18-125-13 battery, 18-125-15 battery, 18-125-17 battery, 18-125-11 battery, 36v

Top view of the Split Hinge cover with optional handles. 

The hinge runs front to back on the forklift.

Bi-Fold Cover, hinged at rear

18-85-17 battery, 18-85-19 battery, 18-85-21 battery, 18-85-23 battery, 18-85-25 battery, 18-85-27

This cover is hinged at the rear of the forklift and has an additional hinge in the center accross the width of the forklift. It allows the operator to pull the cover back towards the rear, exposing all of the cells. Use this style when there is not enough clearance to open a split hinge cover due to the steering wheel.

Bi-Fold Cover

12-125-13 battery, 12-125-15 battery, 12-125-17 battery, 12-85-13 battery, 24v forklift battery, 24v

Alternate view of a Bi-Fold cover in the open position. The battery pictued is rated "EE", spark-proof. 

Select Voltage or number of Cells

6 Cell Batteries

12v forklift battery, stacker battery, pallet jack battery, walkie battery, home solar battery, 12v

12 Cell Batteries

24v forklift battery, pallet jack battery, stacker battery, order picker battery,reach truck battery

18 Cell Batteries

36v forklift battery, reach truck battery, lift truck battery, electric lift, 36v battery, crown 36v

24 Cell Batteries

48v forklift battery, lift truck battery, Hyster battery, electric lift, 48v battery, Yale, Crown