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SB175 Plug

18-85-17 battery,18-85-19 battery,18-85-21 battery,18-85-23 battery,18-85-25 battery,18-85-27

Rating: 175 amp / 600 volt

SB350 Plug

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Rating: 350 amp / 600 volt

Optional Plug Handle

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Fits SB175 and SB350 plugs

SB175 Plug Dimensions

24-85-13,24-85-15,24-85-17,24-85-19,24-85-21,24-85-23,24-85-25,24-85-27,48v battery,48v batteries

SB350 Plug Dimensions

18-85-17,18-85-19,18-85-21,18-85-23,18-85-25,18-85-27,18-85-29,18-85-31,18-85-33,forklift batteries

Plug Handle Dimensions

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Optional Plugs

Anderson YC Plug

Forklift batteries, 24v forklift battery, 12-125-17, 12-125-15, 12-125-13, 12-85-13, 12-85-7.

Rating: 175 amp / 125 volt 

Available - Special order

Anderson EC300

Forklift battery, 18-85-27, 18-85-25, 18-85-23, 18-85-21, 18-85-19, 18-85-17. 36v forklift battery.

Rating: 300 amp / 250 volt 

Available - Special order

Euro Plug

forklift battery, 24-85-21, 24-85-19, 24-85-17, 48v forklift battery, Yale forklift battery, 48 volt


160 amp / 150 volt 

320 amp / 150 volt 

Available - Special order

Anderson Euro Plug Video


24 Volt Batteries

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36 Volt Batteries

36v forklift battery,36 volt forklift batteries,18-85-17 battery,18-85-21 battery,18-85-23 battery

48 Volt Batteries

48v forklift battery,48 volt forklift batteries,24-85-21 battery,24-85-17 battery,48v battery

Battery Watering Systems

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